Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prognosis For Fawcett Grim

It's so sad about Farrah Fawcett, isn't it? Cancer on top of having to live with Ryan O'Neal and their creepy kid, Redmond. *shudder* But...have you noticed how they ALWAYS say "anal" cancer. I guess people would specify breast cancer or prostrate or lung or whatever, but isn't awful that after years of living with a couple of cancerous assholes, she'd die from it literally?

It's now being widely reported that Farrah won't be with us much longer. According to she can drink only a little liquid and can’t keep food down.

It's also being reported that Fawcett's 91 year old father is making the trip to California to say his goodbye's.

So sad. And isn't it too bad that her longtime partner and son couldn't get their shit together to at least allow her to pass in peace.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if Ryan and Redmond have their shit together or not, the fact that their loved one is dying is what's important. I have watched Farrah since I was a small child. My heart breaks for her and her family. I hope her father is able to make it to her side.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking. She fought a great battle and I agree that it sucks her family couldnt be what she needed in the past few years. Truly an icon. God bless Farrah.

atky2000 said...

Clearly no one in that family has their *ahem* shit together. Truly sad tho, what a way to go.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad! Chris said he had bad dreams about her last nite. I mean, we grew up with her...all of us young girls played 'Charlie's Angels' when were young (since I was blonde, I always got to play her part ;-)...all the boys had her poster on their wall!

My heart goes out to her!