Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Recap


Adam - First song of the night, "Mad World." Watching him reprise this performance (one of the strongest of the season) makes me wonder if it's even a contest at this point.

(What is Anthony Hopkins doing in the audience and why is he so old??? Is it me or does Paula look pretty tonight?!)

Kris - I was really hoping that Kris would do "Falling Slowly," but showcasing his piano playing with "Aint No Sunshine" is a smart move. And I correct my statment from above: GAME ON. Kris did an awesome job!

Adam - Hm. The judges loved it but I didn't LOVE it. I liked it.

Kris - I really don't love "What's Going On," but Kris did an ok job with it.

Adam - Ugh, I really do always hate the song that will be the winner's first single. (Well, except Kelly Clarkson's) Adam's vocals are great. The song blows. Unless Kris does something totally unexpected, I think it's safe to assume that Adam will rightly be this year's Idol.

Kris - I'm "feeling" Kris' rendition of this song but I just don't know if he can win. The judges have all but crowned Adam at this point and I love Adam, too.

My vote for the winner of this year's American Idol is ADAM LAMBERT!


Salina said...

I'm hoping for an upset! But will not be surprised if Adam wins.
I thought Paula looked OVER tanned. :)

kim8424 said...

Go KRIS!!!!!

Sleepyree said...

i may never watch idol again after that...kris is so blahhhhhhhh and boring IMHO. oh well, i'm sure adam was signed by the end of the night anyway

Salina said...