Monday, March 9, 2009

Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson?

According to reports newly single Megan Fox and Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson have been spending time together. Last week it was said that the two were seen at the Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood and The Chicago Sun-Times says that Fox might be on her way to Toronto -- where Pattinson is filming his second ''Twilight'' flick, ''New Moon.''

We'll be keeping an eye on it! What do you think of a Megan Fox/Robert Pattinson pairing? I don't love it, but as long as Paris Hilton doesn't factor into it, I'm ok.


Anonymous said...

um... Rob's in Vancouver. Toronto is on the other side of the continent. They won't be anywhere near each other.

Adie said...

hmmm Im with ya on as long as there is no Paris Hilton in the mix but idk about Megan Fox either

Anonymous said...

okay megan is HOT.. but seriously, rob?? maybe for a little drunken action in the club bathroom.. but she is NOT the girl for you, Rob!

NikkiB said...

lol - thank you for the Canada geography lesson. This rumor is all over the place! One minute I'm reading that Rob & Megan might be hooking up the next thing I'm seeing pics of her and David Silver from over the weekend. I'm thinking that the Megan/Rob thing might just be wishful thinking on some people's part.

Me? I like the idea of Rob and Kristen Stewart! But if it can't be her....Emma Watson.

I would say Natalie Portman, but I want her with Ryan Gosling.

Anonymous said...

letterstorob, love your website. You ladies are so great..and FUNNY!

We all know who the right women for Rob is.....ME!

Meghan said...

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! He needs to go out with Kristen. Not Megan! if youve seen some of her pics, shes not good for him!