Monday, March 30, 2009

Britney Voicemail Leaked

A voicemail Britney Spears left for her lawyers in Januray has been leaked onto the internet. In it, Britney claims that her father has threatened that she will lose custodial rights of her children. Who knows what her mental state was when this call was made. Let's hope her dad, Jamie isn't just randomly threatening her.


Marlena said...

It's hard to make much of a judgment since we don't know the full story but it still seems so sad. I couldn't imagine being in her position. Sounds like she's whispering too almost like she doesn't want anyone to over hear her.

Roman said...

I think that the father should be looked into at least for the sack of the children. Plus he is doing alot of stupid things that can hurt Britney and her career.