Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Gross: Brandon Davis

I think if I ever saw Brandon Davis in real life I would feel an overwhelming urge to hit him. Don't you?
BRANDON Davis seems to have worn out his welcome in New York. The oily heir became annoyed at 1Oak last week when he had to wait to use the toilet. Spies say Davis, "sweating and yelling like a crazy person," began shouting at the bathroom attendants. Later, a gorgeous model type "put her hand on his wrist, and he flipped and yelled, 'Don't touch me! Do you know who I am?' People were disgusted. One girl yelled, 'You're not anybody! You're famous for being a loser!' " Davis is now loafing off pals in St. Tropez and has been overheard saying, "I'm moving to Geneva."

(Source: Page Six)


Stacee said...

I wouldn't even wanna touch him, I'm sure he's slicker than snot.

Marlena said...

He is so disgusting!

Anonymous said...

He really does look so greasy all the time. I bet he smells like shit too!