Friday, May 15, 2009

Casting Sinatra Biopic

Awhile back we were casting the Steve McQueen biopic. But now that Martin Scorsese has signed on to direct the Frank Sinatra biopic, I think this casting call is the more interesting one. Word on the street is that the front-runners areLeonardo DiCaprio, Harry Connick Jr and Justin Timberlake.

• While DiCaprio is not a singer, that may not be as much of an issue, since Scorsese and the Sinatra family favor using Frank's own singing in the film.

• Also key to the project were family concerns about how Sinatra's reported ties to the Mafia would be recounted.

• The working script by ''Field of Dreams'' writer Phil Alden Robinson does include a Chicago scene -- so we might see some filming here, though the bulk of the picture will be shot in New York, New Jersey, California and Vegas.

• It's also expected that Scorsese will incorporate material from his long-stalled film about Sinatra pal and fellow ''Rat Pack'' member Dean Martin into the Sinatra movie.

• Word has it, Scorsese is looking at telling Sinatra's story in a non-traditional way -- with hints it might look something like Todd Haynes' 2007 Bob Dylan biopic, ''I'm Not There.'' Though unlike the Dylan film, which cast six actors to play the music legend, Scorsese has made it clear he will go with one actor to play the Chairman of the Board.

I like Leo for it. Who do YOU like?

EDITED TO ADD: Perez is reporting that Johnny Depp is Universal's first choice to play Ol' Blue Eyes. If Depp signs on to this project it will be his first collaboration with Martin Scorsese. VERY exciting!


Anonymous said...

None of them. They need some one with nice big blue eyes, not squinty like Leo or Justin. Harry maybe with contacts.

Danita said...

I agree with Hillary! RE-DO on the casting!

kim8424 said...

I think harry would be great in the role. Or maybe Micheal Bublé.

ejf320 said...

I liked the idea of Jon Hamm that the Post reported....

Zee said...

Big strapping guys as Frank?? Leo is about 8" too tall. I love Jon Hamm, but he's not right...Frank wasn't so much handsome as intense. My casting? Depp, maybe, or -- don't laff -- Sam Rockwell. Compare a few pix of him and Frankie before you decide...pop some blue contacts on Sam and he could easily project the bantam pugnaciousness AND cool of the man.