Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol Final 3 Recap

Danny - I don't mind Paula's song choice for Danny, but he's really butchering it. It also showcases his embarrassing dance moves. Randy thinks it's dope, Kara is right on about the dancing and the forgetability factor, who cares what Paula thinks and drumroll to Simon - he's kind of wishy washy on it.

Kris - Love that he's playing the piano. I worry that the song is too recently popular for him be original with it. But it's ok.

Adam - the first few notes were better than either of the songs we just heard. I think the arragement is just so-so, but he's so good it doesn't really matter.

Danny - Ugh. I'm just so ready for him to go. Is he going to sing this, get teary-eyed and get the sympathy votes? I think this is a boring song choice for a guy I've become really bored with. That said, it was much better than the first song and probably one of his best performances.

Kris - Wow! What a great song choice!! Love this song and I'm so excited to see how he does. Wow - he's doing a really good job, I think. He could have a hit record with this!

Adam - I absolutely hate it! I'm getting a little sick of the screaming. Love Adam but could have done with a little less screetch.

I am PRAYING Danny goes home this week and we have a Kris vs. Adam final!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that it will be Chris vs Adam in the finale. Adam is going to win, no problem.

Sorry to see you go Danny!

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. It will be Adam and Kriss inthe final. I want Kriss to win, but I think Adam will.


Danita said...

No way! Totally A Danny/Adam Finale!!!
Adam will win of course so it doesnt matter! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Danny, but Kris is way cuter and thats why he is going to make it, but then again Danny has never been in the bottom 3 so what does that tell you. Its all up in the air tonight ladies.