Friday, March 6, 2009

Chris & Rihanna Have A Deal?!

I love how The Chicago Sun-Times has been so on top of the gossip lately! And in his column today Bill Zwecker uncovers some interesting things about what's going on between Chris Brown, Rihanna and salvaging his career. Interesting stuff...

Before Brown loses any more endorsements or movie deals, a plan is in place to rehabilitate his badly tarnished image. ''The only way Chris can possibly reverse things is to come clean and help raise awareness about abusive relationships,'' said a source close to Brown's legal time.

Along those lines, I've learned Brown and Rihanna -- who has taken him back (but with key provisions outlined below) -- will co-author a book about abuse and go on a talk show whirlwind to speak directly to their fans and the general public. It is widely expected that Brown's high-profile attorney, Mark Geragos, will broker a probation deal for his client that will involve no jail time.

In the meantime, the Brown team's working title of his career-recovery plan is ''Project Mea Culpa.'' It will involve not only Brown's telling of his increasingly abusive behavior toward Rihanna, but also partnering with clinical experts in the field to add credibility to the couple's efforts.

''Obviously this is a public relations campaign, but it only will work if there's genuine healing, contrition and a path to preventing future problems. ... It's another example of trying to turn a bad situation into something good ... where people can learn to change habits,'' said the source.

• Part of the deal involves a contractual agreement between Rihanna and Brown. Word has it, the alleged abuser has agreed to pay Rihanna ''as much as $10 million'' and possibly more ''if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way,'' said the Brown insider.

What do you think? Could you forgive Chris Brown? Personally, I don't know. If it happened the way police lay it out I don't think I could forgive his brutality. And if it's ever confirmed that it was, indeed, Paris Hilton who sent the 3 page text that provoked the attack...I'll hate him forever. Ew.


Salina said...

Paris? Really? That's the first I heard that. YUCK!

Like you...the brutality sounds insane. I would forgive for my own sanity...but go back to him...I think not. But, you never know until you are in those person's shoes.

Amy said...

No amount of money is going to keep him from attacking her again. When he is in the middle of trying to kill her, he's not going to stop and say, "Hey, I am going to have to pay her $10 mil. if I don't stop." I think this is a very bad idea... she needs to get away and get over him.

Anonymous said...

i thinks thats good and its a good idea..we dnt mean everything we say..but we need start watching everything we say i done im a kill you before but didnt mean didnt even get psysical..i think rihanna should get that also got to watch wat say watch wat you do when your in a relationship for you are one and your action effect the partner...i think they just need to learn how to deal with there emotions..if you never been through something you dnt know to react to it..always think about the consequences..but we are taught to forgive and forget it says that in the bible..if you do not forgive others jesus wont forgive for it is not your place to judge plus he didnt do nuthing to you its between him and rihanna

Mia G said...
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Anonymous said...

What people wont do for their money. A book, talkshows. Do people really care about them this much? I would rather watch a couple that is not famous or rich and that doesn't have anything to lose or gain for talking about abusive relationships.