Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna & Chris Together After Attack

Why is People.com the only media outlet (that I've seen anyway) reporting Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen leaving LA's London Hotel on Sunday morning, about 7:30am AFTER the incident? I found that news surprising. Or maybe not surprising in light of how alot of abusive relationships work. Allegedly abusive, I guess I should say.

(Photo obviously taken in happier days)


raybird said...

I really hope she doesn't stick with him after all that. Just terrible if it's true and she does stay :(

Salina said...

I hope this is false!
Especially now reading that he choked her and said "I'm going to kill you!".

Amy said...

Wow, I sure hope that's not true.

edyta said...

seriously ... who cares .. its no ones business ... if shes with him she is - if shes not great ..
the tragic event that happened - has to alot of women but its the celebrity that people actually consistently talk about - do u think it makes her feel better when she reads that she shouldnt be with someone - its her mind and she can decide wat she wants to do.. people make mistakes - and really we wont really now what really happened think about it its media - just like playing telephone - one thing gets changed to something else - people please get a life