Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paris Hilton Eyeing Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob Pattinson,

It has come to my attention that Miss Paris Hilton has expressed her admiration for you. Please, I beg of you, ignore her. Please see any number of entries at on what could happen should you tempt fate and engage with her.

I read where you were chatting up Emma Watson after the BAFTA Awards. MUCH better choice! Proceed with my blessing.


(PS. This is what Paris has said about our Robert: "I just saw Twilight last night for the first time, and I have to say that I think Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor," Hilton told E! News. "He's fabulous!

"Now I understand all the hype. I just didn't get it before, but now it all makes sense. I really enjoyed the movie and loved watching Rob in it."


Anonymous said...

Oh Paris, leave him alone...go corrupt someone else.

Anonymous said...

Nikki is so right! Run, Rob, run! Don't meet Paris, don't talk to her, don't even acknowledge that she said your name. Just don't do it!

Adie said...

I agree .. please leave him alone! I will so not like him if he goes to her