Friday, February 20, 2009

Hayden & Milo: What's Their Status?

Have Milo and Hayden broken up or not? The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the two split because of a pregnancy scare. Rumors abound that she and Jesse McCartney have been spotted canoodling and yet others say that Hayden & Milo are still together. So, which is it?


Marlena said...

I don't know... but if she's done with him she can send him over my way! I don't even care that my only cat was named Milo. Ok that might be weird.

Anonymous said...

Nena I will send him over to you after I am done with

NikkiB said...

Altho I do find his proclivity for nearly underage girls disgusting....I'll take him third.

Anonymous said...

theyre still together. Reports at IDMB confirmed it. =) thank god, theyre adorable together. and Haydens not underage. she's 19. Old enough to take care of herself if you ask me.