Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Morning!

What a weekend! What a LONG weekend. I was actually happy for today to roll around. I never quite know what to do with my 3-day weekends. I saw Hotel For Dogs for the second time and to offset the wholesome goodness that is kids and dogs I'm going to see The Wrestler today. Lots of nudity and hopefully some gross wrestling stuff! Mmmmm

Did you hear that Chris Brown has hired a crisis management expert? It's about time! Apparently he's hired Alan Nierob who salvaged Mel Gibson's career after he told police in Malibu that Jews were to blame for all of the world's wars. Mel survived...I guess, altho his career hasn't been the same since. Still just not sure what can be done for Chris Brown.

On a happy note, Salma Hayek and her baby daddy, Francois-Henri Pinault were married at City Hall in Paris on Valentine's Day. I guess that's happy news, altho the last I heard she had called off her engagement to Francois and might have been making out with Colin Farrell at The Golden Globes. Did you hear that, too? Colin Farrell + Salma = HOT, but I guess we'll have to put that on hold for awhile.

Is it just MY guy, or do all men dislike Colin Farrell?

Later this week I'll be unveiling a new giveaway and also a new blind item. Check back for both!



scrotorr said...

I had no problem with Colin Farrell in Alexander, In Bruges, or Minority Report. In general though he seems like an assface.

coffee said...

it worked out pretty good for both of them; she's a hot actress who ended up marrying a billionaire and he's a billionaire who married a hot actress. yay for them! (sigh)