Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chris Brown Attends Anger Management

Chris Brown has FINALLY made a play to show some kind of remorse over what happened the night before The Grammys with Rihanna. Brown was arrested earlier this month after allegedly assaulting Rihanna, leaving her with two "huge contusions" on both sides of her forehead, a bloody lip and bloody nose. The New York Daily News is reporting that Brown attended his first anger management class in Glendale, Calif., on Monday afternoon.

Sources are quick to point out that Brown has not been required by law to attend the classes. "But he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before [his court date on] March 5."

The source adds that Brown shouldn't have to attend alone: "Rihanna is temperamental, too. They're both too hot-headed for their own good."

"It didn't help that Rihanna grabbed the keys out of his rented Lamborghini and threw them down the street. She knew it would really infuriate Chris, and it worked."

My own sources state that Rihanna can be "high strung."

According to the Brown source, Rihanna, 21, will have to face Brown in court when his criminal threats case goes to trial, "She'll be there - she has to testify."


atky2000 said...

Seems like the Brown PR machine keeps sputtering to life and then siezes up like a rusty engine.