Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Morning!

Guess who is going to the Olympics in Beijing?! ME! Guess who is going to give you guys allll the scoop?! ME!

I'm really excited to go. But I have to admit I also feel a little guilty. You see, I'm an Olympics hater. Every time The Olympics roll around and "the fever" spreads I get grumpy. "Did you watch The Olympics last night?" My standard answer is to usually put on my most monotone voice and reply, "I f*cking hate The Olympics."

But....let me tell you a little secret. I don't really hate them. I'm just not a huge sports lover - but I do end up watching them and even developing crushes on some of those ski and snowboard dudes. Which dudes will I crush on this summer?! What's the cool guy's sport in the summer games? And please dont' say "gymnastics."

So, we'll be there the first week. We're going to Opening Ceremonies. We're being flown over, put up at a super fancy hotel - the whole shebang. My husband tells me I shouldn't mention WHO is sending us on the glorious trip because it's through his job. Suffice it so say we'll be majorly taken care of and my opportunities to network with loads of people will be fantastic! Lots of access!

Really, I'm super excited and proud as a peacock to be able to bring you scoop from The Olympics!

Anyway, can you believe that In Touch is actually getting my LOCAL NBC affiliate to "report" that George Clooney and Sarah Larson broke up because of her boob job?! Who believes that?? Why would CLOONEY of all people have a problem with pretend boobies?? We know that's not true. We know Clooney's just a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. We know Clooney might already have a new girlfriend. Might have had her for awhile!

This weekend 15 of my girlfriends are coming to Chicago to visit me. We're going to have a great big Girl's Weekend! I've been crazed trying to get my house ready, yard ready and today I'm going to spend time getting ME ready. So...you know what that means, right? Right. I better get my butt into gear and get you your scoop NOW because I'm not going to be updating this afternoon. I will be back tonight though!



Barb D. said...

Have no fear, "Miss Barb" is getting reading to come over to spend the afternoon with the boys so you can do your thing!

Nikki - not even ice skating? What about the Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding extravaganza when Tanya's laces broke and she was sobbing with her leg up on the stands. Now that's the Olympics at its finest! Oh wait, are you old enough to remember that?? I forget how many years ago that was. I think I'm dating myself.

Stacee said...

You want something fun to look at Nikki, it's swimming! Sure there is nothing exciting going on inside the pool, but boy when they get out....YUMMY!

I love the olympics, and yes the gymnastics is my favorite, but not for guy watching. They are all like 5'3 and 110 lbs, not my type!

Marlena said...

I hardly ever watch any of the olympics and I even went to it in '96 lol. You are going to have a great time though!! And this weekend, whoo hoo!! See ya then!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh another opportunity to say how bummed I am for not being able to come over and see all the ladies this weekend. The only sport I will be watching for the Olympics is.....whatever is playing on the TV when I turn it on....LMAO.

tracy said...

May I just say how proud I am to one of the lucky 15 coming to your social gathering (drunkfest of gossip whores) this weekend.

I also am dying to see you in your little sneakers and pullover at the olympics!