Monday, May 18, 2009

Going Strong: Amber Tamblyn & David Cross

I reported a year ago that Amber Tamblyn and David Cross were a couple and it looks like they're still going strong! Sources report that the couple were spotted making out at East Village bar 2A last Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Gross. She is my age and he is just a couple of years younger then my parents. That and she is way to pretty for him.

Tracy said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't he Gob from Arrested Development?


NikkiB said...

He is! lol

Anonymous said...

He's actually Tobias on the show, not Gob. I always pegged him as gay IRL, so even aside from the age difference, I just think the pairing is icky. What is she thinking?


Anonymous said...

Thats David Cross! Remember him in Scary Movie 2. The guy in the wheelchair that gives himself a blow job..LMAO. SICK! LMAO.