Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur: 1922-2009

First Estelle Getty, now Bea Arthur.
Bea Arthur, who memorably played Dorothy on "The Golden Girls," has died, reports the Associated Press. She was 86.

A family spokesman tells the AP that Arthur passed away at her home on Saturday. The spokesman said she was battling cancer, but did not elaborate on the cause of death.

Arthur, known for her comedic chops and distinctive voice, won Emmys for "The Golden Girls" and "Maude." She also captured a Tony Award acting on the stage in the musical "Mame."


Gina said...

Another great talent gone.

Sarah Simon said...

There is one less light shining in Hollywood now.

Bea Arthur was a wonderful actress with a gift for humor.

May we all be enlightened by her sense of humor and ability to act.

Rest in peace, Bea Arthur!

Sleepyree said...

blessed be

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Golden Girls when I was little with my Great-Grandma (Nana). I will always cherish those days with her. Thank you Golden Girls for that time with my Nana.
RIP Dorothy.