Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry for the light posting so far this week. Over the weekend I realized that my house was filthy so yesterday I embarked on Operation Clean. I did the kitchen and main floor bathroom and it took me 5 hours! Like, I REALLY cleaned the shit out of it. I'm also in the throes of Operation Poop On The Potty with my youngest son, Sam. Honestly, he's 3 and a half and I'm convinced he's never going to get it. He'll pee on the potty but no poop. I've tried bribery (we currently have a Nintendo DS, a trip to Florida and preschool on the line), I've tried rewards, I've tried crying and yelling. I don't recommend crying or yelling as it just makes the kid cry and yell and still no poop.

Are you jealous of my glamourous life?

So today my Savior, Miss Barb, has taken over at home and I'm currently sitting at Panera scouring the Web for gossip for you. See what I mean? GLAMOUR!

I just read a story that Paris Hilton is obsessed with getting a role in New Moon and has been calling Robert Pattinson incessently since meeting him Oscar weekend. Is she doing this in between making out with her pukey boyfriend, Doug Reinhart?! That dude gives me the creeps. And Paris Hilton will NEVER get a role in New Moon. Altho I wouldn't mind seeing her killed onscreen.

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SUPER excited about tonight's 2-hour Idol with the Top 13! I'll be glued to my tv. I've also got the newest episode of Gossip Girl in my hot little hands. I can't WAIT to watch it!! I've been asked not to reveal anything big, but I'll be sure to tell you guys what I can. I've been dying for new eps!



Kristi said...

Fun giveaway!!
I'm jealous you get to watch new gossip girls! I'm so ready for new ones!