Monday, March 23, 2009

Jennifer Aniston "Furious" With Oprah?

The National Enquirer says that Jennifer Aniston is feuding with Oprah Winfrey because Oprah won't see Aniston's dog flick, Marley & Me.

A source tells The National Enquirer, "To this day, Oprah has flat out refused to see the movie - even though she did screen it for her studio audience and producers when Jennifer taped a recent appearance on her show.

"Oprah lost one of her dogs last year and she says the last thing she wants to do is watch a movie about a tender relationship between a pooch and its owner.

"But to Jennifer this amounts to a cold-hearted rejection and she feels pretty bitter about the whole thing. It's made her really question their relationship."

The source continues, "Oprah is kind of a superstitious person and tends to break out in tears at the drop of a hat when she's reminded of something that makes her emotionally vulnerable.

"Because she was so freaked out about losing her own dog a year ago, she said it would have been bad luck and bad karma to indulge in watching Marley & Me, which revolves around a couple's relationship with a dog.

"She knows how the story ends and the wounds from losing her own dog were still pretty fresh.

"Jennifer has said that it was totally irresponsible of Oprah to just skip seeing the film altogether. It's really hurt her feelings.

"She doesn't buy Oprah's excuse about her dog's death. As far as she's concerned, it's a cold-hearted snub and a declaration of war."

While I've heard that Aniston can be pretty irrational, I don't buy it. Aniston might be a bitch, but she's not stupid! There's no way she'd break up with Oprah. Besides, Oprah promoted Marley & Me heavily for Jen. Who cares if she saw it or not?


malcontent said...

I think you underestimate Aniston's batshit insanity.

It's beyond rude of her to try to force Oprah into opening an emotional wound like that.

NikkiB said...

ha - you might be right. In fact, I HOPE you're right. I'd love nothing more than Oprah hopping off the Aniston-train. That bitch IS crazy.

Anonymous said...

I know some people that couldn't go see that movie for the same reason as Oprah. If its true about Jen being mad then she is a bitch!