Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diesel Calls In Sick

I don't get the appeal of Vin Diesel at all. Ok, MAYBE when he was first on the scene I could see it although he was never my cup of tea. He's always had a reputation of being a bit of a diva, but now?! His sole claim to fame is starring in the lame Fast & Furious movies and he can't even drag his ass out of bed to support it?!

Page Six is reporting that Diesel infuriated organizers of a day-long junket for "Fast & Furious 4" in LA on Sunday. "No one could get a hold of him," our spy said. "He didn't pick up his phone and it wasn't until a Universal executive called that he finally picked up and used the lame excuse, 'I'm sick.' " Diesel finally showed up four hours late and "didn't look sick. But he did do a couple hours of press," we're told. Diesel's publicist at 42 West told us that as a result of the incident, the firm no longer represents him.


Jackie said...

I'm a Vin lover and I love the Fast & Furious movies, well the first one and I'm stoked for the new one since it's the original people. But I do hate hearing when they don't get out there and promote their stuff. Come on ~ you get paid lots of money to do something you love. Get out there and show that.

M.R. said...

Nikki...on behalf of the Disney set, I must respectfully point out that Vin's "real" claim to fame is "the Pacifier". At least according to my 5 year old. LOL.