Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Britney's Back!

The reviews are in on the opening night of Britney's Circus Tour and they're enthusiastically optimistic. Reviewers such as Perez Hilton were VERY excited, but People magazine's review was a little more cautious.

It didn't help that she hardly engaged the audience, not addressing them at all until after her lone encore, "Womanizer," performed in sexed-up cop uniforms. Given that Spears probably doesn't do much live singing either, it left a definite chill in the air. (People)

I'm SICK that I accidentily planned my trip to Florida and will miss her in Chicago. Sick!!! How stupid can I be? I've been giving Britney predictions for years - never gave up hope for her and I'm going to miss it!

Here are more pictures from last night:


Sara said...

Some weird tribute looks going on. Gold bustier makes me think of Madonna, and the military shoulder pads is sort of Michael Jackson & sort of Beatles. And the fake tattoos on the chair is very Lita Ford, haha.