Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Worst Dressed

Oh Beyonce....why? WHY?! Why did you wear this awful dress and why did you lipsynch last night? Awful, just awful...

The only one worse than Beyonce? Melissa George. WTF?! ABC trots HER out?! She's not even a "star" on Grey's. Was Ellen Pompeo busy? Sandra Oh - who was actually in an Oscar nominated movie once couldn't come? Melissa George?! Blech.


Salina said...

I think Beyonce was worst dresses.
But actually all "mermaid" type dresses are a HUGE no-no.
They are hideous!

Salina said...

Oh, wait!
I just remembered that Jessica Biel's big bow dress was also a big no-no! LOL!

NikkiB said...

I didn't like Jessica at all last night. Nothing worked for me. It did nothing for "the body," IMO.

Kyle said...

Beyonce was awful but I think Jessica did it worse. At least with Beyonce you weren't surprised. She always looks cheap. With Jessica she has it in her to make it good. She just screwed it up.

I can't be bothered to comment on the other Grey's girl. She's a yawner.