Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joaquin In On Joke

Fox News is reporting that "actor-turned-rapper," Joaquin Phoenix likely isn't put out over Ben Stiller's hilarious spoof of him during Sunday night's Oscars.
A source tells the news outlet:

"Joaquin wanted this, of course he knew (about the parodies) because it’s all part of a very strategic plan," said our inside source. "He is selling it all as a documentary not about his musical career but the whole issue of public persona. It’s all a big joke and he’s not pursuing rapping seriously no matter what he says."

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix was hilarious! Joaquin, however, is looking more and more like a d*ck, isn't he?


atky2000 said...

It's all very andy kaufman esque.

Lee said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I just wrote about his today on my site because I find his behavior reprehensible on so many levels. One thing is to be funny and larger than life(Andy Kaufman), but what he's doing shows a certain arrogance that borders on a scolding.