Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Oscars Day is finally here! I'm going to be live blogging tonight during the show, so if you're online while watching the show - check in! I'd LOVE to hear your comments. I'll be with lots of fun girls so I'll be sure to report all of the catty things we say! ;-)

I'm getting ready to fill out my ballot. I've already asked this on Facebook, but I wonder what you guys think: Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn for Best Actor? I really want Sean Penn to win - I LOVED Milk, but so far the consensus is that Mickey Rourke will take it.

I have a hard time casting my Oscars ballot - it's such a struggle between what I want to win and what I think will win. But right now the burning questions I have are: What will Angelina wear? Will she bring it? Who will win the red carpet couples showdown? Brad & Angie or Jen & John Mayer? Is there even a doubt that The Jolie-Pitts will kick John Mayer's ass? John Mayer might be borderline hot, he might even be talented - but he is no Brad Pitt.

See you tonight! And again tomorrow morning for a recap on the fashion and the winners.



Allison said...

John Mayer used to be a normal guy... USED to... and I loved him for that. Maybe Jen sees something I don't these days!