Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brad/Angie vs. Jen/John At Oscars

It really makes me mad when John Mayer looks sort of hot. Damn him! Mayer is prettying up for his walk down the Oscar's red carpet with Jennifer Aniston. Can't wait to see Mayer and Aniston try to bring it the way only Brad & Angie can. It'll be awesome!


Marlena said...

I'm going out for my birthday that night and MISSING IT! NOOOOOO lol Can't wait for pictures though.

Amy said...

I actually like Jennifer Aniston (can't stand John Mayer though) but I don't think they can compete with Brangelina at the Oscars. But we shall find out!

kim8424 said...

I don't like John either but recently he HAS been looking rather hot!