Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sienna Miller: So F*%ing Cool

I swear like a truck driver. Before I had kids it was an all day activity. In one week my 2 year old called my dad a "pussy" and my 4 year old exclaimed while waiting in line for an ATM, "What's taking that f*cking guy so long?" So, suffice it to say - I'm working on my language in front of them. And really, it seems that swearing is like cigs for me. I can abstain until they go to bed. But you can bet just about anything that if you stop by my house after their bedtime you'll find me sitting on my deck, cig in hand dropping f bombs like a madwoman.

British actress SIENNA MILLER finds it hard to censor herself during interviews - and even once said "f**k" live on an American TV show.

The Alfie star feels at ease talking to the press and often reveals her innermost feelings during media chats - but her tendency to speak freely has landed her in hot water many times before.

She says, "I find it very hard not to be myself and maybe that does attract attention, but I'd be miserable if I wasn't. I love having a chat and they know I'll probably say something stupid which is good for their ratings.

"I said 'f**king hell' by accident on Good Morning America, which was classy. I thought they had stopped filming.

"The producer of (new movie) G.I. Joe said they might have to give me lessons on how to conduct yourself in an interview."

(Source: Showbiz Spy)


Kim said...

I LOVE her and now love her even more now that I know she cusses like a sailor like me! Good for her for being herself instead of conforming to what people want her to be.

Salina said...

You are too funny Nikki!

Fillup said...

She is soo Beautiful And Gorgeous, I don't care how she speaks.