Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sarah Larson "OK"; George "Alriiiiiiiiight!!"

Blah, blah...Sarah Larson got some bigwig who runs an AIDS foundation to spring to her defense. She's doing well! Bitch, please! George Clooney dumped her!! She's not spending the summer in Italy. She's not hanging out with Brad n' Ang or Matt and his pretty wife. She's not going to the Oscars in a fancy designer gown. She's not going to be walking down any prestigious runways. Seriously - poor Sarah Larson. I feel bad for her! Please God don't let her pull a Krista Allen and start dating random B and C-listers. Who knows? Maybe she won't make a fool of herself?

Clooney on the other hand...according to Laineygossip.com, HE is having a "fun" time since the split. If a 4-way with hookers is your idea of a fun time. Is it?
Sara Larson is reportedly heart broken over her split with George Clooney. Fox News claims she was given no notice, asked to leave right away, pack up her stuff from his mansion in LA, and immediately flew back to Las Vegas to lick her wounds.

George on the other hand...well... George is licking some other things. At least according to my source who tells me exclusively that George allegedly had a little bit of fun at an LA area hotel (a chain) last Tuesday with not 1 not 2 but 3 ladies who looked like they were of the night.

George apparently checked in under an alias at 2am, no reservation, and did not appear to be sober. The ladies were giggling, could not believe their luck at landing Hollywood's major player. At least for one night. George checked out at 9am wearing a hat and jeans.

We learned of his split from Sarah on Thursday.

(Sources: People.com and Laineygossip.com)


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amy said...

Come on he's George Freakin Beautiful Clooney. Can't he find better girls to screw around with than cocktail waitresses and hookers?

Salina said...

That whole story makes him SO gross now! And in that picture, he looks OLD!

Anonymous said...

That is just so cruel to have her pack her shit with no warning and kick her ass out. What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

that story is just such a turn off imho.