Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Reasons to Love Posh

Come on! Do you love her or do you love her?! And if you don't...why?!
On Sunday, Victoria Beckham flew from LAX to Newark for meetings about her fashion business in New York and we learned a lot about her flying habits. She arrived at the airport immaculately attired in a form fitting little outfit and very high heels. (Always camera ready!)

When she and several companions boarded the plane she immediately changed into sweats and sneakers for the flight. (THAT'S how she looks so fresh when she arrives!) She sat in first class with her hairdresser (possibly named Rudolfo) and the other people she was with sat in coach. Flight attendants were wary at first, but Posh was very friendly and talkative and completely won them over. (They were all drooling over her amazing red ostrich handbag.)

Victoria only had water and Diet Pepsi during the 5 and a half hour trip - NO food. During dinner Victoria was back in coach gabbing with her companions and she sent a bodyguard up to her seat to eat her meal. She chatted with everyone seated around her both in coach and first class. Flight attendants and other travelers were surprised at her accessibility and good humor. Before the flight ended Victoria dressed up in her tight clothes and high heels and disembarked looking cool and collected.

(Source: Janet Charlton's Hollywood)