Friday, June 27, 2008

JLo: No Nannies

I'm sorry, but I call bullsh*t. They have to have some kind of help. And you know they're not just hiring the teenager down the street or using everytime they go out. They HAVE a nanny. They have to!
Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are raising their children without the help of nannies.

According to Us Weekly magazine, the famous couple -- who welcomed their first children, twins Max and Emme, in February this year -- remain without outside help, even while traveling abroad.

A Lopez confidant told the publication, "The whole 75-pieces-of-Louis-Vuitton-luggage thing is just not happening now... Being a mother has completely changed Jennifer."

A source said that before the twins were born, Lopez had picked up a strange travel habit. "Not even the first-class lounge was good enough for her. She kept slipping into a door inside the lounge, so people thought it was like a special VIP area," the source said.

"Turns out, it was just a storage closet. Give her credit for wanting to be left alone, but hiding in a storage closet? That's a little extreme."

(Source: Showbiz Spy)


Sara said...

I agree, there's no way. Maybe there's no *live in* nanny. Or maybe they call her an au pair...

Rachael said...

I agree, it's b.s.
Or, maybe like Sara said, they have an au pair instead. Practically a nanny, but technically different.