Thursday, June 5, 2008

Christina Aquilera: Right On!

I'm totally with Christina Aquilera on this.
Make no mistake, Christina Aguilera loves her baby. But she likes the nightlife, too.

"Once in a while, if I want to go out and have a mommy-daddy night with my husband, I am more than allowed to do that," the singer – who gave birth to son Max Liron in January – told Access Hollywood.

This past weekend, for example, she hit Las Vegas's Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace to help celebrate the launch of an Xtina-inspired jewelry line, the Stephen Webster Silver Collection.

"I spend all day with my son," Aguilera, 27, told the TV show – adding that any criticism of her late-night outings with husband Jordan Bratman is downright "mean spirited."

"Everybody has an opinion and everybody sometimes wants to cause drama," she said. "But it's something that comes with what you do and I learned that very early on."



german2kay said...

But seriously, she's been a mom for about 5 minutes. By the time the wee one is 2, she'll be hookin on the streets of Vegas. I kid. I kid. I'm sure she's a wonderfully maternal woman that, when not partying, is home knitting blankets and breastfeeding.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christina. Just because you become a mom doesn't mean everything needs to stop... just as long as it isn't a nightly ritual.

kim8424 said...

I'm glad that she goes out every once and awhile.... I don't think she'll go all "Britney" on us, but a night out every once and awhile is a good little breather.

Marlena said...

I think going out, even if it's at night, too often is not so good. BUT, she needs to "go out" a little more than normal people. It's her job! As long as the baby is being well cared for while she's out I don't see the big deal.

NikkiB said...

I go out one night almost every weekend! It's what's good for me and my family. I'm happy that my kids have sitters that they love and the break is good for us.

Stacee said...

I hate any bitch that gets to go out anytime.

Amy said...

I agree with Christina. Just because she is a mom doesn't mean she can't go out once in a while adn party... a little... I would be really sad if she turned into a Brit-Brit but as long as she's responsible, I see nothing wrong with it.

tracy said...

I am totally w/ christina on this one. Just because you have kids doesnt mean your social life should be over. Its not healthy to stay cooped up and never see other adults. I have a feeling her son is very well cared for. Have fun Xtina!