Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brinkley's Ugly Divorce

Looks like things are going to get even stickier in Christie Brinkley's divorce from that perv, Peter Cook. Cook, if you remember, had a sleazy affair with a 19-year old personal assistant. Word was always that he was just using Christie and that he was a major social climber. He ALWAYS creeped me out. He just gives off that vibe of "I like to have sex with nearly underage girls." Look at him! Tell me I'm wrong.
Supermodel Christie Brinkley's daughter with rocker Billy Joel, pianist Alexa Ray Joel, is singing Mom's praises ahead of Christie's upcoming divorce trial from architect Peter Cook. "She's standing up for herself. I think that is admirable," Alexa Ray, 22, says of her mother in a People magazine interview on newsstands tomorrow. "There's such overwhelming support for her." Stepdad, meanwhile, ought to watch his back. The mag quotes a "Brinkley pal" who said the Uptown Girl will really turn up the heat on Cook in their divorce trial, which begins next week and will be open to the public. "She wants to stick it to [Peter], and she can," said the friend.
(Source: Page Six)